Vice President, Certification

Helping Governments, Organisations and People build IT & Cyber Capability | Non-profit IT Trade Association
The field of technology now draws more focus than ever before, and governments and businesses alike are scrambling to understand the best approach for this new environment. With new trends seeming to pop up on regular basis, there is a struggle to understand the implications of new innovation and the safe and secure path forward which exploits this for good. So when building capability how can organisations overcome some of these challenges? How can the pace of change be addressed? What mindset do Security Professionals need to detect the inevitable breaches and act quickly and decisively? What role does Talent development and retention play in all of this? My role in CompTIA is to help Governments and Organisations build a workforce capable of exploiting technical innovation, protect valuable information and at the same time help address the scarcity of talent. So for me building a capable workforce with knowledge, skills and experience can only be carried out effectively if it is done sustainably by promoting the value and excitement of technology careers and encouraging new entrants into the industry. As a non-profit trade association, we advance the global interests of IT professionals and IT channel organisations and enable them to be more successful with industry-leading IT certifications and IT business credentials, IT education, resources and the ability to connect with like-minded, leading IT industry experts. We are the leading resource for tech professionals. CompTIA may not have all of the answers, but through the experience we’ve gained and the clients we’ve worked with we bring a depth of knowledge which can help guide organisations to building capability in the workforce. Come and join the conversation, contact me directly at ghunter@CompTIA.org or call +44 0207 330 6060.

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